On the Rapidan


The Rapidan River is a tributary of the Rappahannock River in northern Virginia. Its headwaters are in the Blue Ridge Mountains' Shenandoah National Park, and President Herbert Hoover's vacation cabin is situated nearby. According to WIKIPEDIA, the name derives from the word "rapids" combined with the name of Queen Anne of England. Several years ago, the Rapidan made Trout Unlimited's list of the country's 100 best trout streams. The river has been hit by drought, though, for several years running - with serious negative effects on the fish population.
Brookie on the Rapidan
The Rapidan River rises high
In the Blue Ridge Mountains,
Up with the black bears and Eastern Brook Trout,
And of all the lovely little rivers
That start up there in the clouds
It is perhaps the most beautiful.

~ John N. Maclean

The Rapidan