Photo Gallery #2

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Storm King tree
The fireline tree on Storm King Mountain, Colorado, with a skiff of snow.


1910 cemetery
The cemetery and monument at St. Marie's, Idaho, memorializing the fallen of the 1910 Big Blowup.


Author at cabin
Maclean at the family cabin at Seeley Lake, Montana.


Cramer stump
The stump of a big tree felled by the two helitacks, Shane Heath and Jeff Allen, on the 2003 Cramer Fire.


Cramer pulaskis
Two crossed pulaskis, part of the memorial to Heath and Allen at the site of the Cramer Fire fatalities.


Cramer snake
A rattlesnake encountered by Maclean while hiking to the site of the 2003 Cramer Fire on the Salmon-Challis National Forest, a year after the fire.


Jeff Allen site
The memorial to Jeff Allen at the site of the Cramer Fire.


Shane Heath site
The memorial to Shane Heath at the site of the Cramer Fire.


Thom Taylor
Thom Taylor revisits the site of the ThirtyMile Fire years later; he stands near the river in dense vegetation - similar to the fuels that were there on the day of the fire.


Millennium Tree
The "Millennium Tree" is a 1,000-year-old (est.) tree about a mile from the Maclean family cabin. The tree is in a grove of nearly 500 acres of giant Western Larch saved in the early 20th century from the logger's axe by a timber cruiser for the Forest Service, Jim Garard, and Gifford Pinchot, who was the first chief of the USFS. Both men recognized the extraordinary beauty and irreplaceable nature of this section of forest. The Millennium Tree (a nickname given by Maclean), is the No. 2 Western Larch in the world, according to an internationally recognized scoring system. The No. 1 tree is in Siberia.


Seeley Lake
Another series of photos of Seeley Lake from the front of the Maclean cabin ...


Seeley Lake
Seeley Lake


Seeley Lake
Seeley Lake


Seeley Lake
Seeley Lake


Seeley Museum
A portion of the exhibit at the Seeley Lake museum, this one showing a fire pack used by John Maclean while researching Fire on the Mountain.


Seeley Museum
A fly box containing all the fishing flies mentioned in A River Runs Through It. The box is part of a display of objects and photos concerning the Maclean family at the Seeley Lake Museum.


Seeley Museum
A portion of the exhibit at the Seeley Lake museum, including John's fire pack, information on John and his father Norman, and several newspaper clippings.