Photo Gallery

Most of these images were taken in and around the Washington DC area. All photos © John N. Maclean.


Rock Creek
Fall in the Southeast, like in the spring, is long, lingering, and gorgeous. Rock Creek Park in mid-October, not yet at the height of the color.


Boulder Bridge Falls, Rock Creek Park
Boulder Bridge in Rock Creek Park, which started out as a mistake. The builder was instructed to use "man sized" stones, which he took to mean stones the size of a man. Actually, it was a term that meant a stone the size a man could lift, about 100 pounds. The result is better than what was intended, and so lives on today.


Potomac River
All quiet along the Potomac.


Canal rock
A mossy rock outcropping in the C&O Canal National Park.


Canal spillway
A spillway in the C&O Canal just below the Great Falls.


Capitol walk
A walkway below the Capitol during cherry blossom time.


Tidal Basin
The Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial is a swarm of photographers, painters, and strollers during the Cherry Blossom Festival in April.


Washington Monument
The Washington Monument seen from the Tidal Basin.


National Cathedral
The National Cathedral serves as a place of national worship and the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC. Its actual name is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.


Zambian Embassy
Magnolia trees blossom in the spring just before the cherry trees. The magnolia in front of the Zambian Embassy along Massachusetts Avenue's Embassy Row.


National Cathedral
Washington DC's National Cathedral in the springtime.


Oak in Rock Creek
This red oak in Rock Creek Park, shown in wintertime, is a personal favorite.


Oak in Rock Creek
The red oak in autumn, earning its name.


Oak in Rock Creek
The red oak in summer.


A mating pair of Canada geese in a marsh alongside the C&O Canal. The canal supports abundant wildlife.


John Maclean
John Maclean at the Great Falls of the Potomac. Photo by Kevin Milan.


Great Falls
The Great Falls of the Potomac at a moderate level in autumn.


Great Falls Tavern
The historic Great Falls Tavern once used by boatmen is now a visitor center.


A Great Blue Heron skims over Widewater, a broadening of the C&O Canal below the Great Falls.


Widewater on the C&O Canal below Great Falls. This was once the bed of the Potomac River, which is now over 50 yards below Widewater.


William Howard Taft Bridge
The William Howard Taft Bridge, which carries Connecticut Avenue over Rock Creek Park in DC, at eventide.


William Howard Taft Bridge
The Key Bridge in winter. It crosses the Potomac River connecting DC to Virginia.


Lock House
Lockhouse 6 on the C&O Canal; the lock tenders lived in houses built alongside the canal. Several of the houses have been restored for use by through-bikers and hikers.


Mather Gorge
Mather Gorge, named for Stephen Mather, the first director of the National Park Service, runs below the Great Falls of the Potomac. The Gorge affords spectacular views from the famous Billy Goat Trail.


National Cathedral
The National Cathedral in winter.


National Cathedral
The southern exposure of the National Cathedral.


National Cathedral
The northern exposure of the Cathedral.


Pierce Mill
The dam for Peirce Mill, which belonged to the Peirce family and was one of many mills that operated along Rock Creek in the 19th century. The mill has been restored and is open to the public.


Fungi on a tree near Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park.


Rock Creek
Rock Creek, October 2012


Rock Creek
Rock Creek, October 2012


Rock Creek
Another view of Rock Creek


Rock Creek
Rock Creek in the autumn