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Blackfoot cutthroat
Cutthroat trout on the Blackfoot River, Montana 2006


Maclean on the Bitterroot River for Fly Fishing America's two-part cable television series, "Fire & Water," which first aired in 2006.


Cabin fireplace
Fireplace at the Maclean family cabin in Montana.


Cabin Rx 2007
Fuels reduction project at the Maclean family cabin.


Cabin snow
The Jocko Lakes Fire in the summer of 2007 burned to within a mile and a quarter of the Maclean family cabin - built by John's grandfather - on Seeley Lake before a lucky drop in the wind quieted the flames, which were attacked for several weeks by air and ground resources. The fire caused the repeated evacuation of the town of Seeley Lake and nearby homes and cabins before it was brought under control.


China 1975
Maclean in 1975 in China, as diplomatic correspondent in Washington D.C. for The Chicago Tribune.


Kissinger corps
Maclean was one of the "Kissinger 14" who regularly traveled with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on his shuttle diplomacy trips. Maclean, in center, and the rest of the journalist corps met regularly with Kissinger in the conference room of his airplane during these trips to be briefed on background by "a senior State Department official." This photo was taken during one of the Middle East shuttles in the late 1970s.


Kissinger and Maclean
Kissinger often came back to the rear of the plane, where the journalistic corps was seated, to clarify points or just to exchange banter. He used the press corps as a foil to keep himself mentally alert and to shape public opinion. The access to him was unprecedented but frustrating because he was a master at manipulating information.


Pope John Paul II
Maclean meets Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on a reporting trip to Europe in 1982.


Jackson Park in Chicago in 1994, just before quitting the Chicago Tribune to start reporting on the South Canyon Fire for Fire on the Mountain.


City Press reporter
A young Maclean, working as a reporter for the fabled City News Bureau of Chicago, Illinois, questions a Chicago police lieutenant outside the downtown apartment of mobster Murray "The Camel" Humphries, who had just died. The cause of death was in doubt but eventually was listed as a heart attack.


Texas fire
John Maclean (at left), fire information officer on a prescribed burn, sixth annual Capital Area Interagency Wildfire Academy. Bastrop, Texas, 2003.


Fact & Fiction
Maclean at Fact & Fiction Bookstore in Missoula, Montana, signing a copy of The Thirtymile Fire for Dr. Charles Palmer, who signed a copy of his book, Fired Up! The Optimal Performance Guide for Wildland Firefighters. Dr. Palmer is a former Missoula smokejumper and is currently on the faculty of the University of Montana in the Department of Health and Human Services. He also was Maclean's fishing partner for the "Fly Fishing America" TV series.


John and Russ Lawrence
Russ Lawrence introduces John Maclean at a book signing at Chapter One Bookstore in Hamilton, Montana.


Chapter One Books
Maclean signing books at Chapter One in Hamilton, October 2007.


Chapter One Books
Maclean visiting with retired USFS Chief Jack Ward Thomas at Chapter One in Hamilton.


Seeley Lake
A series of photos of Seeley Lake taken at different times of day, seasons, and years - all from the same general area in front of the Maclean cabin ...


Seeley Lake
Seeley Lake


Seeley Serviceberry
Seeley Lake