Moving Forward with New Information

Alan Sinclair
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From the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Report:

Charge to the Wildland Fire Community

Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Report

Issues for Discussion

Link to 1613 audio:

from Serious Accident Investigation Records
Blue Ridge Hotshot Photos/Videos
June 30, 2013

16:27 ... SIREN
First Voice: Copy, ah coming down, appreciate it if you could go a little faster but you’re the supervisor.
Division Alpha Eric Marsh Ah, they’re coming from the heel of the fire.
Blue Ridge IHC: Structure Group Cordes, Blue Ridge Hotshots on Tac 1.

Suggestive Evidence

From Granite Mountain IHC Entrapment and Burnover Investigation
Prepared for: Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Prepared by: Wildland Fire Associates -- November 2013

"We could find no evidence that they timed or improved the escape route to Boulder Springs Ranch." (pg.40)

"A second escape route was to travel south along the ridge toward the Boulder Springs Ranch and turn east at the descent point. However, the escape route had not been scouted, timed, marked, or improved." (pg.41)

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Why Does It Matter?

Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Briefing Video: